It wasn’t the case of “expect the unexpected”. As Twitter user @savellanoquincy expressed, it was already an expectation from the beginning. In a way, what happened with the 45-minute public statement of President Rodrigo Duterte this morning, May 12, is a sort of “expecting the expected but still expecting something unexpected”.

Indeed, the public appearance of the President caused a big dismay as he failed to make any official announcement on the community quarantine issue. As @inquirerdotnet summed it: President Rodrigo Duterte ends his address without officially announcing post May 15 approved recommendations.

Unfortunately, the President used the time devoted by the viewers to plan for their lives post-May 15. The speech anchored on the President’s “gig when he was a mayor” and the New People’s Army (NPAs).

As a result the hashtag #ECQSeason4 became trending in Twitter with almost 6,000 tweets barely two hours after the President’s appearance ended. “Duterte” also trended with 28 thousand tweets, while “Roque” followed with 10.8 thousand tweets.

Well, the government did not fail to amaze the people. At the end of the announcement, the government took time to express their gratitude to “sponsors” including the Chinese companies… but never the announcement that everyone have been expecting since last night.

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