“Polevu” is a Slovak term for “frosting”. But this blog is not about cakes though may be about the politics of cakes, among others.

Initially, I designed “Polevu” as a platform and outlet for my personal ramblings on the political economy of things. But as one tries to view things outside of a molehill, or to use Ron Heifetz’s words “get off the dance floor” and transfer to the balcony, things may appear different. The world does not revolve on politics and economics alone. Hence, there will be some discussions on other things using social, cultural and even legal lenses.

I do not intend “Polevu”, though, to contain lengthy researches and treatises. There are places and documents for that.


I have earned the privilege to attach three akronyms after my name but I must say I am still a student as I know a little. Indeed, I want to learn many things and hopefully I may learn from and with you in the journey with Polevu.


I must stress, however, that anything I write here does not reflect or represent, in one way or another, the views, opinion, and stand of my clients or organizations I am affiliated with.

Any questions, comments or feedback regarding this site or its contents, please contact me at carizo.jay@gmail.com

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