On March 21, 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte attended and delivered his speech during the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC) National Convention at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City. The MRRD-NECC is a volunteer movement that supports the President’s advocacies including the change to a federal form of government for the Philippines.

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Will Duterte support Trump’s candidacy?

The intelligence community of the United States of America issued statements that countries like Iran. China and Russia are positioning themselves in the candidacies of reelectionist President Donald Trump of the Republican Party and former Vice President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. Recently, groups in Canada are also starting to campaign against Trump as the latter imposed a 10% tariff on the aluminum products of the land of the maple leaf. Given these political alignments, will the Philippines also join the fray and support one of the two contending candidates?

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Philippines is again #1 this time in Covid-19 cases

In a country so obsessed with superlatives, here is the news: the Philippines is Number 1 in Southeast Asia in terms of the number of Covid-19 cases, new cases per day in the past few days, and active cases.

Do we hear a drumroll and congratulations?

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Prospects of a real political reform under the Duterte Administration

Talks about changing the constitution are again up in the air. If House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano is to be believed that it is not the priority of the Lower House, then most likely we will see the charter change (ChaCha) revving up in the next few months despite the Coronavirus diseases-19 pandemic. Remember how he lambasted the Marcoses in 2016 elections then eventually changing his tune? Remember also how he switches and twitches with his speeches and policy stands the latest of which is the ABS-CBN franchise?

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Did PRRD destroy the Philippine oligarchy?

When President Rodrigo Duterte announced on July 14 that he destroyed the oligarchy in the Philippines, I tempered my reaction because days later he follows up his statements with a disclaimer, “Nagbiro lang ako naniwala naman kayo.” The he tops it off with his usual “p.i.”

When Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque started distancing himself to the “destroying oligarchy” statement, at least on the angle that the statement is being pointed at the Lopezes of the ABS-CBN, it finally downed on me that the President’s statement is indeed serious. But did he really destroy the Philippine oligarchy?

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