Political colors

Reducing the political discourse to mere color-coding is outright stupid. Yes, stupid and not even ignorance.

The concept of Dilawan to refer to the Liberal Party (LP) and Aquinos does not even hold water because LP members I know wore other colors, too. Even outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte even campaigned under the yellow banner in 2010. Was he a Dilawan? But he was seen raising hands with the members of the New People’s Army known as the Reds.

And the red color? Communists and even fascists wear red. Does that mean BBM is also an NPA member?

Are Vice Presidential candidates Kiko Pangilinan and Sara Duterte the same since their colors are both green? But green is for being pro-environment while at the same time part of the military uniform’s camouflage to hide and blend with the environment and not be seen by the enemy. Some jokes are green, too.

Political colors are used as “information cues” according to Samuel Popkins. Information cues are employed as shortcuts or to shortwire the brains of those who are lazy or not capable of doing analytical work.

It’s time to bring the political discourse to a higher level — something that is grounded on party principles at least, if not ideologies.

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