What happened to those auditioning for posts under the Marcos Administration?

Last March 24 or more than a month before the elections, Senator Aimee Marcos announced in the Padesal Forum that many are auditioning for a post in the administration of Bongbong Marcos. Weeks after the elections, the Marcos Jr., Administration is still on the process of forming its cabinet particularly those who will compose the Economic Team.

“Sasabihin ko ang totoo, ang dami-dami yatang nag-au-audition na maging Cabinet (I will tell the truth, there are so many auditioning to be a Cabinet member of Marcos Jr.),” Aimee Marcos said.

As of this writing, however, the only clear members of Marcos Jr.’s Cabinet are his spokesperson, Atty Vic Rodriguez as Cabinet Secretary, presumptive vice president Sara Duterte for Education, Ben Hur Abalos for the Interior and Local Government, and Boying Remulla for Department of Justice.

The latest addition, as of this writing, is Arsenio Balisacan for the National Economic and Development Authority.

Other names are also being floated but it appears the incoming administration is really finding it hard to select people. The claimed “many are auditioning” does not hold water because Boying Remulla, in a slip of tongue, admitted being called and offered the position. Remulla, it should be noted, is an elected Congressman of Cavite and is not actively seeking for an appointment.

Second, Balisacan is an appointee of Ninoy Aquino and Marcos Jr., appointing him means there are no takers for the socioeconomic planning secretary and, worse, admitting that PNoy did a good job. In simple terms, what is happening now simply debunks Aimee’s claim.

Another is the reported bickering on how to divide the spoils. It should be noted that Marcos Jr., forged an alliance not only with the Dutertes but also with the Arroyos, the Estradas, the Villars and a number of other political clans. Bongbong cannot just appoint people because if the appointees are not acceptable to the alliance, tension will definitely occur.

When Rodrigo Duterte was elected last 2016, he already had a list of appointees just a little over a week after the elections. This is especially true with the economic team which is expected to play the biggest role in the incoming administration. Unfortunately, Marcos Jr., is in a tight spot right now.

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