Why should I vote for BBM?

Much has been said why voters will vote their candidates. Kakampinks will vote for Leni because of her performance and unblemished track record; Isko-ters (Isko supporters) will vote for Yorme because of what he claimed to have been done in Manila; Pacquaio-wans will vote for Manny because he is humble and proved that everyone can be like him rising from humble beginnings; Pingksmen will vote for Lacson because he did not dip his hands in the pork barrel; and the Pulahans and red shirts will vote for Marcos because of unity.

Wait, what? Unity?

Well, I am for unity but I will never vote for Bongbong Marcos for the sake of “unity”. Adolf Hitler committed the atrocities of World War II because of his vision of “unity”. The “Three Kings”, err, “Three Kims” of North Korea (Il-Sung, Jong-Il and Jong-Un) ruled the North un-interrupted because of unity and now the Koreans are impoverished and badly suffering from hunger. China is also what it was and is because of unity starting from the war of the states that attempted to solidify all the territories under one emperor to the present where communications are filtered to ensure the rule of the Communist Party.

I will never vote for Bongbong because the unity he offers is the unity of “us versus them”, where the “us” is composed of either plunder suspects and convicts, or those who are not allowed to feed on truth. And the unity he offers is the one which tries to revise history — the ugly facts and events during the rule of his father.

I agree that Bongbong and Ferdinand Sr. are different and one should not attribute to the son the sins of the father. Unfortunately, the son also has sins — and that includes being a complicit to the sins of the father. In fact, the son not only tries to revise history but continually paints a beautiful picture of the past — the picture that looks only at the perspective of those favored and never on the atrocities committed, or at the least perspective of the human rights victims. The son even blocked the payment of the remuneration to the human rights victims — one of the reasons why he is wanted in the United States of America.

And I will never vote for Bongbong because he is not only a convicted tax evader but also continually defy the demands of the government for him to pay the taxes his family and the estate of Ferdinand Sr. A big NEVER.

And why is that?

Taxation is the lifeblood of the government. Plunderers are like vampires who suck the blood of the government while tax evaders are those who deprive the government with blood. If these types of people continue to occupy public posts, what can we expect from the government then? And, if the government cannot deliver the services expected from it, won’t the people raise arms again and topple the government?

So, to answer those who have been asking again and again why should I vote for BBM, I must say, “I have all the reasons not to”.

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