How PRRD is making it difficult to teach the children

As part of his training, we make sure that our son also take some responsibilities that are age-appropriate. So we ask him from time to time what can he commit. One of his commitments is to feed and replace the water for the cats.

Yesterday, he forgot to replace the water of the cats so we asked what happened. After his explanation to which we are convinced, he asked:

Son: Is it really important to do what you committed no matter what happens?

Me: Of course. That is why you need to be careful on what you are committing.

Son: How about you challenged a person to do something and that person agreed. Is it important that you also do your part since you are the one who challenged him or her?

Me: Of course. It just means you have a word of honor.

Son: I heard President Duterte promised to go jetskiing in the West Philippine Sea but that never happened. And the news also said he backed out of his challenge for a debate with a certain Justice Carpio. Has the President no word of honor or presidents are an exception to the rule on words of honor?

Me: ….

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