Webinar fatigue under Covid-19 lockown

The lockdowns around the world due to Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) created a surge in the usage of digital communications applications (or apps). Zoom, now the dominant video communications app, saw an increase of users from 40 million at the end of 2019 to 200 million in the first quarter of 2020. Skype which used to dominate the digital communications field also recorded a 70 percent increase between February and March that it now claims to have 40 million daily users. Usage of other similar digital communications applications also ballooned not only because of virtual meetings but also because of online seminars or webinars.

Well, the lockdown itself limited mobility so there is definitely no choice for organizers and attendees. But more than this, one can attend a meeting or join a seminar at the comfort of his/her home, at anytime, and without the hassle of traffic.

But while these apps provided convenience to both organizers and participants, they also are also leading to the flooding of meetings and webinars both domestic and foreign. As a result, a webinar fatigue is happening that, unfortunately, the lockdown became more tiring than the regular non-community quarantine days.

Webinar fatigues happen when, after a series of online seminars, participation rate starts to drop. In this case, organizers need to review their topics and strategies. Are they pounding on the same topic over and over again? Are other organizations also offering the same topic? For the latter, convergence need to happen.

Participants may also find dragging themselves just to attend an activity. If this is already happening, they need to stop a bit and rebalance their loads. Not everything that is accessible and free are always useful. Sometimes, it is like biting more than can be chewed.

So what do you think should be done to overcome webinar fatigue? Let us hear your thoughts.

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