Will the Philippines also turn its back on China?

China’s economy is on a ventilator. Governments are pulling their companies, in some cases paying the latter just to move out of China. All this because of the pandemic that originated from the Dragon country. With the world turning its back on China also lead the make the Philippines do the same?

Prior to the declaration of the enhanced community quarantine, the Philippine government barely quelled sinophobic sentiments. With the Filipinos whose hearts still beat for the American dream, it is not impossible not to be affected by the bandwagon. Besides, hasn’t the government turned again to the World Bank and not China to finance Covid response? Hence, it will be difficult for the Duterte Administration not to be swayed by local sentiments especially considering that the next election is only a couple of years away, and that President Rodrigo Duterte is being threatened not only with local but also international cases.

Given these, there is no doubt that the Philippines will turn its back on China. Not unless the Philippine officials have been given more than enough to cover their eyes and keep their mouths shut.

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